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The PPA Charts feature allows astronomers to quickly and dynamically plot various metadata/header values from various pages on the portal. Currently available header keywords (for use as X or Y axis) include: Photometric Depth and Zeropoint, Seeing, RA, DEC, Detector gain, Airmass, Exposure time, and Observation Date (including MJD-OBS). PPA Charts is based on the Highcharts [17] and AngularJS [18] libraries, and can easily be extended with additional metadata header fields based on user feedback and requests. From within the PPA Charts interface, users can zoom in to a certain region within a currently displayed plot by drawing a box using their mouse; they can also reset back to the default zoom level. 

Exporting plots:  Users can easily print a chart or export it in various formats including PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG vector for use publications, etc.; they can even add a custom title to the plot before they export it. Users can also export the metadata values associated with a plot as a CSV file.

Bookmarking plots: Each plot can also be bookmarked for future reference in cases where, for example, a user is attempting to inspect a certain parameter set over time.


PPA Chart Demo Video