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Logging In

Pre-registration of PIs and co-PIs with WIYN Observation Programs: Beginning with the 2013B semester, approved projects and their PIs will be pre-registered on the PPA site.  To complete your registration, follow the instructions in the pre-registration email you must have received. Contact the PPA helpdesk if you need any further assistance with this!

Self-Registration: If you are not a PI or co-PI who has not been already pre-registered to PPA, you can create a new user account via the Register link on the home page. Enter your name, email, affiliated institution, and a password (8 characters minimum, feedback on password strength provided). You will have to confirm the user registration by clicking on a link you will receive via the email address you used to register.

You can access the ODI-PPA portal at Most users would likely use the email address + password combination via the Email Login button. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Password? option to reset it.


Single Sign On: If the email address you used to register is an or based one, then you can click on the button like the one shown below, and use the IU CAS single sign on process to login to ODI-PPA (without having to remember yet another username/password!)

OpenID/Google ID/Other Single Sign On: ODI-PPA has the ability to allow authentication via any Open ID provider (for example, one's Google ID) if a user maps their account to one such OpenID (or an administrator does it on their behalf). Contact the ODI-PPA Help Desk if you would like to request any such Open ID provider to be added to the list of providers supported.

If you are browsing the archive (for example, if you clicked on the Browse Archive button in the landing page shown above) then you can click on the Login menu item, and then enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Password? option to reset it.

Once logged in, all pages on PPA are designed to have a consistent navigation menu bar at the top of the screen which currently includes Home (takes you back to your Dashboard), Search, Collections (and sub-menus to create, view, manipulate, or execute Tier 2 workflow tasks on a collection), Help, and the <username> menu item (for access to user profile settings, My Jobs listing, and the ODI Proposal listing). Additionally, PPA operators and administrators will get an Operator and Admin menu items respectively.

Personal Dashboard

When you login, you will be taken to your personal Dashboard. Currently the dashboard has three sections as listed below. You can choose to close or re-open each section per your preference via the +/- icons on the top right of each section; your choice is stored to your user profile, and remembered the next time you login to PPA.

  • Proposals section: Displays a list of various WIYN observing proposals you may be PI or co-PI on, and proposals that are non-proprietary and accessible as part of the public archive. Details are shown for a selected proposal including PI, exposure listing, associated observing runs/programs, and the groups of people that have access to the data (including PPA admins and operators). 
    • In the exposure listing, the calibrated data products produced by the QuickReduce pipeline (also referred to as QR, and indicated by ) or NOAO calibration pipeline (also referred to as AuCaP, and indicated by ), and raw data from the instrument are demarcated as are exposures by data type (bias, darks, flats, science objects) and by filter (if applicable). 
    • Clicking on the numeric values shown before the drop down sub-menu next to each data product type or pipeline version or the like will take you to the Search interface with appropriate parameters pre-filled out. For example, clicking on the 1548 next to the OBJECT listing on the first row on the screenshot below will populate the Calibrated search form with the the OBSTYPE Object and other appropriate field values for PROPID, etc. 
    • The dropdown submenu items allow you to create a collection of the relevant images, download them, or to analyze them directly using PPA Charts!

  • My Jobs section: Displays a short list of Tier 2 jobs including download that you may have executed previously. You can jump to the job's details by clicking on it, inspect the status of that job, and perform other actions related to each job. The My Jobs option via the top level <Username> menu will show you all the jobs you have executed in the past.
  • Announcements section: Displays recent announcements posted by the PPA administrators with information about new releases for updates, bug fixes, etc., and any planned or unexpected outages.

Tip on PROPID Identification: if you do not know the Proposal ID for your observing program or don't see it listed on your dashboard, you can locate it in one of the following ways:

  1. Go to the KPNO/WIYN telescope schedule online ( and locate your observing run.  The “P#” to the left of your name in the appropriate night is your proposal number.
  2. Go to the <username> menu item in the upper-right hand corner on the black bar, and from the drop-down menu, choose Proposal/Programs.  This will list all observing programs, roughly in chronological order. Search for your program by clicking on the Proposal IDs.